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Sunrise Detox Drug And Alcohol Detox FAQs For Palm Beach

Sunrise Detox Palm Beach is a residential drug and alcohol detox facility. Our medically directed inpatient detox treatments are a critical start of your addiction recovery. You are able to learn more about our detox procedures and policies in our alcohol and drug detox FAQs for Palm Beach. And if you want to know more, call us at any hour for prompt assistance. We are always here for you.

Sunrise Detox Palm Beach provides medically directed detox from alcohol and drugs. This means you become a resident of our facility while our team cares for you round the clock. They monitor your health and dispense authorized medications to prevent dangerous withdrawal symptoms and manage any distress.
We also provide therapy and peer support groups so you can find the triggers to your substance use and work with you to create an aftercare strategy to help you find long-lasting sobriety once you leave.
Sunrise Detox serves adults age 18 or older.
Sunrise Detox Palm Beach strives to make our resident accommodations as comfortable as possible. You’ll live in one of our tasteful, fully furnished rooms with your own bath and a television. Your room will be semi-private with only one other person. Private accomodations are available per special request. One-on-one and group therapy is provided in a nurturing surrounding. When you are able, you can watch TV or try a board game in our resident spaces or enjoy the exterior patio. And we supply chef-prepared food throughout the day.
Prepare like you would for a week on the road. Although we provide many essentials, you ought to have things like:
  • Multiple changes of clothes
  • Personal care products
  • Hair products
  • Your own music player
  • Reading materials
  • Your usual prescriptions
  • Cash for vending machines
Yes, you may take your mobile phone. However, we will stow it in a safe place following your admission. When you need to review messages or return a pressing call, you can ask a member of our team for your cell phone or to use our phone.
We allow women’s and men’s razors, but our staff will store them for you.Simply ask a member of our staff to check it out.
We recognize the vital support animals provide and can permit them. Please advise our admissions staff prior to your arrival if you plan to bring an animal. You must show the proper certification for your animal when you arrive.
Your safety is our top concern. If you do not have a family member or friend who can bring you to our Palm Beach location, we are pleased to schedule a lift from your home or the airport. Reach out to us at any hour to ask how we may help get you here.
During the admissions phase, we will give you a extensive medical assessment to understand what kinds of substances are in your body and how you can safely commence treatment. You’ll fill out release forms for who to contact in case of emergencies and family member information. Then we’ll take possession of any restricted substances in your bags before helping you settle into your bedroom.
We realize how significant your loved ones’ support is throughout your alcohol or drug addiction recovery. With that being said, our services work best if you are given the chance to step away from external influences to focus on detox and recovery. For this reason, we don’t permit family visitation. However, you have the ability to speak with your family via the facility’s phone. We will also keep your family and designated contact person up-to-date on your status.
Your privacy is an essential aspect of our care. To conform with federal law and regulations, we preserve the confidentiality of all patient documentation. We will not disclose to any external group or individual that you are attending our program, and we won’t disclose any documentation identifying you as receiving care for a substance use disorder unless you authorize with written consent. You will be provided with a printout of our confidentiality policy during the admission process.
We tailor your care to your unique requirements established from your medical assessment and the kinds of substances you need to detox from. Our caregivers are adept at timing these treatments to avoid harmful side effects. They will also aid you in organizing your prescribed medication and provide supplemental medicine to manage withdrawal symptoms as required.
We are pleased to take most commercial insurance policies. Whenever you reach out to us to inquire about a place at our detox center, we will ask for your insurance information and validate it with your insurer. We can’t take Medicare/Medicaid presently.
Yes, we accept patients who don’t have healthcare coverage. During the admission process, we can discuss suitable self-payment possibilities.
We won’t have you leave without a strategy for further care set up. Our objective is to stabilize you with detox and ready to seek other rehab services as you strive toward long-term sobriety. Before you leave, we can help you enroll in a residential rehab facility or any outpatient programs.

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