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Our Mission

The mission of Sunrise Detox is straightforward but meaningful: we aim to help you make the first move toward sobriety and provide the starting point for a successful substance use recovery. We accomplish this by offering a safe, respectful surrounding where you’ll get individualized inpatient detox services near Palm Beach. We strive to remove the stigma from detox care and help you feel as calm as we can. Our vision is that no call for help goes unanswered and that the support we dispense prepares you to take further steps toward prevailing over drug or alcohol use.

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Why Choose Sunrise Detox Palm Beach?

Sunrise Detox Palm Beach is a certified inpatient drug and alcohol detox facility near Palm Beach. We assist you through medically supervised tapering treatment that keeps you safe and minimizes the uneasiness of withdrawal symptoms. Our peaceful facility helps reduce the anxiety of detox, and our dedicated staff members are on-location 24 hours a day to meet your exact needs.

Our Facility

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Our inpatient detox services in Palm Beach incorporate:

  • Medically guided detox from alcohol, prescription drugs, and narcotics
  • 24-7 care for your well-being and safety
  • Family intervention guidance
  • Group therapy sessions
  • One-on-one therapy
  • 12-step meetings
  • Relaxing, modern accommodations
  • Patient rooms with private bathrooms
  • Relaxing community rooms
  • Chef-made meals and snacks
  • Aftercare strategy sessions


Our Staff

Sunrise Detox Palm Beach has a team of skilled, caring professionals to assist you through your detoxification. Our accredited doctors, nurses, counselors, and behavioral health experts care for you around the clock to watch over your health, keep you comfortable, and get you prepared for a long-lasting recovery.

Brenda Flores
BA, CAP, ICADC, Counselor, Sunrise Detox Lake Worth
Brenda Flores is a 20+ year veteran working in substance use treatment. Since 2005, she has been one of our most beloved Counselors with Sunrise Detox Palm Beach. She is most known for her light-hearted spirit and commitment to each patient's best interest and success in recovery. Her over 30 years years of personal sobriety give her incredible insight into the minds of those taking the first step in their recovery. Having been there herself, she knows the steps to continue down a path to success.
Christopher Rienas, Psychiatrist, M.D.

Dr. Christopher Rienas brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role as a Medical Director at Praesum Healthcare. Double board-certified in both Addiction Psychiatry and General Psychiatry, Dr. Rienas continues to elevate our programs treating substance use and mental health disorders with his deep understanding of addiction and psychiatry.

Stephen Cook Head Shot
Stephen Cooke
Born in Stratford-upon-Avon, England, Stephen Cooke brings over a decade of experience in international and American healthcare communications to Praesum. A prolific writer and published author, Stephen has dedicated his career to promoting health and recovery across various organizations.
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Get Acquainted With Praesum

Sunrise Detox Palm Beach is part of the behavioral health family of Praesum Healthcare. Praesum started in 2004 with its original Sunrise Detox location and has expanded to dozens of substance use facilities over five states.

Each one of our locations puts an emphasis on dignified and individualized treatment. We operate under the belief that you are likelier to take control of a substance use disorder when cared for as an individual with unique concerns and goals. Regardless of whether you’ve just begun with detox or have been in recovery for a while, Praesum is available at any stage of your journey and helps you get the help you need with expert addiction treatment in one of our various easy-to-reach locations.

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Part Of Praesum’s Continuum Of Care

Sunrise Detox services near Palm Beach are only a part of our continuum of care designed to take control over addiction. You’ll discover the proper care for each stage of recovering from substance use in our assortment of behavioral health centers. If you’ve already worked through the detox stage or are trying to find continued support upon departing from Sunrise Detox Palm Beach, call, and we’ll assist in finding the appropriate facility for your current spot in recovery.

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If the time has come to get started on the detox process, Sunrise Detox Palm Beach is here to assist. Call 561-621-2517 or fill out the form below for a complimentary, confidential consultation by phone. We answer or reply rapidly, 24/7. Find the help you deserve now.