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Alcohol Detox Services near Palm Beach

Trying to detox from alcohol without the right medical direction may be difficult, scary, and life threatening. Sunrise Detox gives you a safe location to complete alcohol detox near Palm Beach. We individualize your treatment to your unique requirements and help you manage the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms. And at every step, we care for you with the dignity and respect you have a right to.


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Wondering If You Need Alcohol Detox near Palm Beach?

Roommates in a bedroom with twin beds.People use alcohol detox services near Palm Beach for many reasons. You might get assistance if:

  • You are unable to go about your normal day without alcohol
  • You can’t halt the use of alcohol on your own
  • Alcohol consumption is negatively affecting your life
  • People who care about you have asked you to seek help for alcohol use
  • It is a condition of court-ordered treatment

But the main reason to seek help with the detox process is that doing it on your own is too risky. If your body has become addicted to alcohol, you may encounter debilitating or potentially fatal symptoms as you make an attempt to quit using it “cold turkey”. This is why Sunrise Detox offers inpatient alcohol detox near Palm Beach. Our medical staff watches over you 24/7 and attends to withdrawal symptoms to let you detox as risk-free and peacefully as possible. Still not sure if you need alcohol detox? Take our alcohol use assessment below.


Alcohol Use Assessment


Customized Alcohol Detox Services near Palm Beach

Sunrise Detox Palm Beach operates under the belief that individualized service is essential for overcoming alcohol addiction. We serve you as an individual with unique demands and work to accommodate those needs while you’re with us.

Our devoted personnel looks in on you frequently to evaluate your condition and your degree of distress. From your initial day with us, you’ll benefit from an individualized care plan crafted from your medical history. We adapt our validated treatment practices to meet your unique needs and make modifications to let you feel better and remain stable. Working together, we will help you detox in a safe and successful manner.

What You Should Expect From Inpatient Alcohol Detox At Sunrise

People experience alcohol detox in a unique way, but there are some elements you should plan on from our alcohol detox services in Palm Beach. We commence your detox with a full assessment. We’ll discuss your present shape, the severity of your alcohol dependency, and how prior attempts at detox went. We use your initial evaluation to make a customized treatment strategy specifically for you.

Most patients will be done with alcohol detox in about five days, but it could go past that in severe scenarios. Over the course of your time at Sunrise, our nurses will monitor your vital signs and give you appropriate doses of standard medications to lower the risk of dangerous withdrawal symptoms. We might also give you additional prescriptions as necessary to limit withdrawal discomfort. Most of your time will be spent recovering in your comfortably furnished room, and you may participate in voluntary therapy sessions if you are up for it. And when you conclude detox, we’ll help you explore subsequent steps for long-term recovery.

Managing Withdrawal Symptoms of Alcohol

People who try to halt the use of alcohol alone realize that withdrawal symptoms are unbearable and dangerous. Sunrise Detox maintains your safety and helps you control distressing symptoms such as

  • Irritability and mood swings
  • Anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Excessive sweating
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Weakness
  • Fevers
  • Gastrointestinal distress
  • Heart palpitations

Begin Your Alcohol Detox Today

If you or a loved one need to detox from alcohol, Sunrise Detox Palm Beach is ready to help. Reach out to us or fill out the ensuing form for a free, private consultation. We answer or reply immediately, 24/7. Get the help you need.

Alcohol Detox FAQs

Withdrawal symptoms from an alcohol detox can fluctuate greatly from slight discomfort to life-threatening seizures. A medically supervised detox ensures you advance through the process as comfortably and safely as possible. Healthcare professionals can provide proven medications to relieve symptoms and lower the probability of problems.
The time it takes an individual to detox from alcohol is contingent on the extent of their usage, physical condition, and other factors. As a general rule, the majority of withdrawal symptoms stop within 5 to 7 days.
An at-home alcohol detox can be risky as a result of life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. A medically supervised detox allows you to detox in a comfortable, safe surrounding. Always seek advice from a medical professional prior to making decisions about detox.
A medical professional may prescribe medication to manage withdrawal symptoms and prevent complications. The kind of medication will depend on the person and the symptoms experienced.
Prolonged alcohol usage can give rise to significant health issues like cardiovascular disease, liver disease, and neurological complications. Halting use "cold turkey" without detox can cause intense -- and potentially fatal -- withdrawal symptoms.