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Detoxing With Depression And Addiction Near Palm Beach

Depression is a known fundamental source of substance use disorders, and this co-existing condition ought to be addressed during detox. If you’re set to face your addiction directly but feel restricted by depression, Sunrise is ready to help. Our detox center provides care for adults with depression and addiction in Palm Beach. Whenever you want to take the first step in your recovery journey, contact us at 561-621-2517.

We Understand The Bond Between Substance Use And Depression

Trying to find a worthwhile treatment for depression poses numerous obstacles, so it’s conceivable if you cope with addictive alcohol or drugs. Unfortunately, counting on these substances can propel you into a viscous cycle of self-medication. As the euphoric effect of drugs or alcohol wears off, you sink lower than you were before and are compelled to self-medicate again to feel better. This pattern of depression and addiction swiftly gets out of control and takes charge of your life.

Sunrise Detox Palm Beach will help you effectively detox from alcohol or drugs. We understand the connection between depression and addiction and will address both concurrently at our inpatient treatment center. We supply a safe setting for you to detox and make the initial step towards addiction recovery. Reach out to us at 561-621-2517 day or night to see how we’ll help you detox and address your mental health.

Our Services For Depression And Addiction Near Palm Beach

The first step in overcoming alcohol or drug use disorders is detoxing from these substances. Detoxing on your own can be dangerous and needs to be accomplished under qualified medical supervision. Co-occurring disorders like depression add a secondary challenge. Sunrise Detox Palm Beach gives you expert medical detox treatment that will care for both depression and addiction near Palm Beach.

Timing is critical when you begin detoxing, so we make every effort to get you admitted quickly. When you arrive, you will undergo an examination to look at your drug or alcohol use, your medical background, and your current state. If you have a prior diagnosis of depression, we should know so we can help you mitigate those symptoms while detoxing.

Medical Care During Detox

All patients obtain a customized plan of treatment, including how to mitigate your withdrawal symptoms and any co-occurring mental health disorders. Our medical specialists will lessen symptoms of withdrawal using proper doses of authorized medications. If you are on antidepressants, we’ll make sure you continue to receive your medicine as prescribed. We record vitals frequently to keep you safe until you have fully detoxed and recouped your strength.

Mental Health Care During Detox

Because depression is a usual co-occurring disorder with substance use disorders, we aim to ensure your mental health is cared for at Sunrise Detox. You can go to therapy and peer support meetings here when you feel up to it. We give you access to:

  • Individual therapy: work face-to-face with a credentialed therapist to investigate the reasons for your depression and substance use.
  • Group therapy: gain perspective by listening to and sharing with others.
  • Peer support groups: hear from experienced volunteers who have progressed through their own recovery and want to assist you with yours.
  • Aftercare Planning: find the future steps of your recovery, including the management of depression and substance use.

This extra support helps you deal with detox and start to take charge of your mental health.

Why Go To Sunrise Detox Palm Beach For Residential Detox Services?

We take steps to make detox as agreeable as possible for you and address mental health simultaneously. We believe helping you accomplish this first step in a judgment-free, compassionate fashion will set you up for future success in your recovery journey.

To start you on the right foot, we provide highly-qualified care in a hospitable setting where you’ll receive

  • Safe, evidence-based medical treatment for withdrawal
  • Help from on-site staff 24 hours a day
  • Vital sign tracking every 2-4 hours
  • Elective mental health sessions
  • Ample time for rest and recuperation
  • Space far from triggers for alcohol and drug use
  • A fully furnished room with private bathroom
  • Well-balanced, chef-prepared meals, snacks, and drinks
  • Break time in resident areas
  • Total patient privacy and confidentiality
  • Help with questions concerning insurance and costs

Get Support For Depression And Addiction Near Palm Beach Today

Don’t delay if you need help detoxing while dealing with depression. Sunrise is here to guide you. Reach out to 561-621-2517 or fill out our contact form below for immediate assistance. A representative will answer at once, no matter the day or time. We’re ready to assist you now.