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Aftercare Addiction Treatment Near Palm Beach

Detox is the first stage of conquering alcohol and drug addiction, but what comes next? As you finish your detox process, Sunrise Detox helps you take the next move with aftercare planning. We help you find aftercare addiction treatment near Palm Beach so you can prevent relapse and keep making strides in your recovery. Call us right now at 561-621-2517 to find out about drug detox, alcohol detox, and aftercare options.

What To Expect After Detox In Palm Beach

Detoxing is the first step of overcoming addiction. At Sunrise Detox Palm Beach, our goal is to remove the harmful substance from your system while treating withdrawal symptoms. We will keep you secure and comfortable during detox with your individualized treatment plan. We also provide therapy so you can comprehend the triggers for your substance use. Even so, our detox facility is not equipped to address the ongoing challenges of substance use recovery.

Once you finish detox, you will remain in a vulnerable state. The triggers, external forces, and trauma that led to your addiction might still appear in your daily life. These circumstances put you in jeopardy of relapsing and impeding your recovery progress. You might encounter these issues that make it difficult for you to return to your normal routine:

  • Continuing withdrawal complications or symptoms of Post-acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS)
  • Existing stressors that cause substance use
  • Co-dependent relationships that lead to substance use
  • Pre-existing mental health issues
  • Access to harmful substances
  • Absence of positive coping skills
  • Subpar health habits

Before exiting Sunrise Detox Palm Beach, we’ll work with you to determine the next stage in your recovery. Even though there might be numerous avenues of treatment, the ideal path is where you have the chance to gain an understanding of your triggers for alcohol and drug use, improve your psychological and physical health, and develop good coping skills.

Our clinicians will assess the next facility -- either inpatient or outpatient -- and will coordinate with the new choice of care in regards to admissions, transportation, and insurance.

How To Find Addiction Aftercare Programs Near Palm Beach

It is vital to your health and addiction recovery to have a plan in place for immediate and sustained support. Prior to leaving Sunrise Detox Palm Beach, one of our expert counselors will meet with you and your loved ones to develop your aftercare plan. Our specialists have substantial experience locating the appropriate route for every individual’s needs. Your aftercare plan will incorporate the creation of recovery targets, support from family members, and what the next treatment level is for you.

While your aftercare plan may vary depending on your circumstances, patients typically move forward to one of two kinds of treatment options:

Inpatient rehab: These residential facilities give you a safe location to stay as you are susceptible to relapse. You live there for weeks or possibly months and get substance use treatment daily. Treatment centers around different types of therapy to explore your substance use triggers and co-occurring mental health disorders. You can also receive medical attention for cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Outpatient counseling: Some detox patients with more manageable addictions may be ready to go directly to outpatient counseling. In Outpatient (OP) or Intensive Outpatient (IOP) care, you reside at home but go to therapy daily to learn coping skills, handle mental health, and receive encouragement to steer clear of relapse. You might also obtain medication-assisted treatment for cravings when appropriate.

We have a sizeable network of partnerships with accredited addiction and behavioral health providers that we may endorse for aftercare addiction treatment near Palm Beach.

Numerous Sunrise Detox Palm Beach patients prefer to remain within the Praesum Healthcare continuum of care and move to neighboring Evolve Recovery Center Duluth for inpatient treatment or The Counseling Center Duluth for outpatient counseling. We will also help you find an option outside our network to best meet your needs.

How Families Are Able To Assist With Aftercare Planning

Members of the family have a large part to play in aftercare addiction treatment in Palm Beach. As a relative of a person recovering from substance use, you can assist them after detox in many ways according to their needs:

  • Attend aftercare planning appointments at Sunrise Detox
  • Respect boundaries and exercise positive reinforcement
  • Adhere to the established guidelines for visiting and communication
  • Participate in family counseling gatherings
  • Stay away from judgment and criticism
  • Look for the indicators of relapse

We invite you to keep learning how to support your relations during their recovery. The knowledgeable staff at Sunrise Detox Palm Beach and other treatment facilities are always glad to help you find out more about helping someone close to you who is struggling with drug or alcohol use.

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